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A Letter from
Judge Allan D. Hardcastle

Welcome to the Sonoma County Superior Court’s Virtual Court web site.

We hope that the information contained here will help you more fully understand our court system.

This court has experienced many changes over the past several years.

As a court, we strive to work in an efficient and economical manner.  We take pride in our service to the community and are committed to the following mission statement.

“The judges and staff of the Sonoma County Courts are committed to providing knowledgeable, courteous, timely, efficient, and economical administration of the court services for the purpose of resolving disputes and dispensing fair and equal justice to the community.”

Please take time to wander through the various court functions described on our web site. I hope you find this information helpful.

Allan D. Hardcastle, presiding
Year 2003 - 2004
Sonoma County Superior Court

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